Serving The Greater Las Vegas Market For Over 7 Years.


Serving the Las Vegas Valley for over 7 years, Melissa has been proud to offer some of the finest water treatment systems available on the market to deal with some of the hardest water in the country. Las Vegas, Henderson and North Las Vegas end up on the 10 worst tap water lists every year in the national media, so it is well established that the water here has some challenges. Melissa is pleased to be authorized to provide custom-made systems manufactured for H2OToGo, which has the prestige of being nation’s largest privately owned water treatment company and has been a leader in this industry since 1981. And just in case you’re wondering, “custom” doesn’t mean more expensive; it means better quality at a better price without the name-brand expense and generic warranties.

  Most water systems aren’t designed to treat and handle Las Vegas water and often have minimal warranties as a result. All of our systems are custom manufactured in Utah, and we have the exclusive license to offer the best valves on the market to ensure you don’t have problems with the longevity of your system. We also use the best resins and more of them, along with more carbon, to ensure we get out everything you are concerned about in the water reports. Because of this attention to quality, we can offer systems with genuine manufacturer’s lifetime warranties.

Even if you already own a system, we can offer a free visit to check your water quality because it’s not always obvious that it’s working correctly or giving you healthy water until an appliance fails — like a hot water heater.  We will happily come by to check the equipment and let you know for sure.

With water this damaging and unhealthy, it’s good to know you have a professional team of authorized reps, installers and technicians to handle your concerns from consultation to installation, and maintenance later down the road. We offer installs 7 days a week and have 24/7 emergency service available just a phone call away so you’re never left hanging, due to our award winning service team. And best of all, you don’t pay the standard street plumbers’ prices for any service after our 1 year service warranty. For more details, please call or contact us using the contact form. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have!

• No Hidden Costs — “Out The Door” Pricing
• Award-Winning Service
• Flexible Installations Available
• Filter Changes Available
• Salt Delivery Service
• 10 Point Inspection Cycles & Testing
• 24 Hour Emergency Service