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Eliminate Hard Water

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Eliminating Hard Water In Your Home

We at H2O TO GO well know the effects of hard water that can be found throughout the house, from the film and scale in the shower and toilets, to the white buildup and spots on faucets, fixtures, mirrors and windows. Cleaning products designed to handle these damaging issues can be costly, toxic and unsafe to use, especially around children and pets.

Protect Fixtures, Appliances & Water Heating Systems

Your water-bearing appliances get clogged and break down much faster because the unseen damage in the water lines is corrosive and builds up with each passing month. Hot water tanks and tankless system suffer the most from the scale and its cumulative effects. Most water heating systems might last half the time that they should or rarely make it to their warranty expiration date and are replaced far more frequently when not protected with water treatment equipment.

Cleaner, Softer & Brighter Laundry

The effects of hard water can even be felt in dull, dingy and rough clothes, towels and sheets. Fabrics fade and wear out much faster than they should. Even worse, they simply don’t get clean in the wash because the detergents can’t foam up in the hard water, so they get trapped in the fibers and won’t rinse out thoroughly. This often causes many skin irritations including itchy, dry skin, pimples and bumps, and even eczema.

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Superior Skill, Service & Technology.

Advanced Technology

H2O TO GO specializes in designing and installing water purification equipment specific for the unique water problems residents face in Southern Nevada. We value honesty, integrity, quality equipment and exceptional service.

Expert Team

With nearly 80,000 residential homes, 80% of the Strip, area hospitals and countless restaurants and businesses we’ve proudly serviced over 39 years, our in-house staff of certified technicians and master plumbers are qualified to handle any install or service need.

Quality Guaranteed

With H2O TO GO, you’ll find the support you need to ensure that you get the freshest water in the Las Vegas valley in a timely fashion. We offer tried and tested water treatment solutions and equipment without gimmicks or high-pressure sales.

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