ECE Series No Salt
Water Treatment System

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ECE Series No Salt Water Treatment System

Start enjoying cleaner, chlorine-free water, softer skin and hair, and bottled quality water throughout the home. With a salt-free water treatment system from H2O TO GO, no chemicals are added so you can live a greener, environmentally friendly, salt-Free, and maintenance-free life!

This 4-stage, no-salt, whole home water treatment system has been custom-designed and manufactured specifically for Southern Nevada’s water conditions. No added chemicals means it is environmentally friendly. And for those who want their Las Vegas home to be eco-friendly and “green,” a non-electric model is available, too.


Stage 1: Filter AG Plus
Reduces suspended solids down to 5 microns or less.

Stage 2: Granulated Activated Carbon
Removes chlorine, bad tastes and odors, microbiological organisms, and many organic chemicals.

Stage : K.D.F. 55
Creates a bacteria-static environment which extends life of the carbon, removes heavy metals, and modifies the electron structure of hard minerals to help protect plumbing.

Stage 4: Quartz Bed
Clarifies water and prevents channeling to ensure proper water distribution through the tank’s cleaning media.

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