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A water softener removes the calcium, magnesium and certain other metal cations found in Southern Nevada’s hard water. The resulting soft water allows soap and detergents to work better while using far less of them, eliminates soap scum and build-up, and extends the lifetime of plumbing and water-bearing appliances in your valley residence. With a water softener from H2O TO GO, your home will be protected from hard water stains and soap scum.

The hard minerals are also tough on your skin and hair. It robs your hair of its softness and shine, and often leaves your skin feeling like there is a film or residue on it after a shower, and can leave your skin dry, itchy and in need of moisturizing lotions or oils. An H2O TO GO water softener is the solution!


1. High Capacity Cation Resin
Provides maximum softening by removing calcium, magnesium and other hard minerals,

2. Safety Float Brine Valve
Prevents overflow of water from brine tank.

3. Brine Deck
Helps to eliminate salt or potassium bridging.

Hardness • Calcium • Magnesium

Limited Lifetime Warranty
Limited lifetime warranty on all major components.

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