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Great Taste

Most people who taste or smell the Las Vegas tap water notice right away that it tastes bad, smells of chlorine and other chemicals, and looks cloudy from all of the hard minerals. Ice cubes are white when they should be clear if the water was pure. H2O TO GO’s decades of experience with this challenging water means that we know how to treat the water to give you the best tasting, healthiest results. We are WATER PURIFICATION SPECIALISTS, so our custom-designed systems with alkaline and mineral options protect your family’s health by filtering out arsenic, lead, fluoride, perchlorate, chlorine, disinfectants, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, herbicides, micro-organisms and other impurities and eliminate the bad taste and odors most people discover when they try to drink from the tap. With custom filter options, you get to decide what good minerals are added back in for better taste, or even an alkaline option for added health benefits. The result is pure, great tasting drinking water and crystal clear ice cubes!

Truly Pure Water

Having your own H2O TO GO reverse osmosis (RO) also gives you the added confidence of knowing that your water is TRULY PURIFIED. Bottled water is not regulated, and while some sources offer real natural spring water, many do not, so you often end up drinking tap water from another city that has been purified at an astounding cost to you. With your own RO, you can save on bottled and delivery water costs, as well as costly refrigerator filters and other pitcher-type filters that add up quickly and don’t actually purify the water but instead just slightly reduce sediment and the taste of chlorine- as shown in a free home water test. Owning your own RO will pay for itself for years with the savings! Not only that, but the plastic bottles contain toxins that can leech into the water as the plastic warms and degrades and be dangerous to your health.

Reduce Pastic Pollution.

You will also help the environment by reducing the amount of plastic being used for drinking containers. Discarded plastic has become a serious problem for the landfills and oceans around the world.

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Superior Skill, Service & Technology.

Advanced Technology

H2O TO GO specializes in designing and installing water purification equipment specific for the unique water problems residents face in Southern Nevada. We value honesty, integrity, quality equipment and exceptional service.

Expert Team

With nearly 80,000 residential homes, 80% of the Strip, area hospitals and countless restaurants and businesses we’ve proudly serviced over 39 years, our in-house staff of certified technicians and master plumbers are qualified to handle any install or service need.

Quality Guaranteed

With H2O TO GO, you’ll find the support you need to ensure that you get the freshest water in the Las Vegas valley in a timely fashion. We offer tried and tested water treatment solutions and equipment without gimmicks or high-pressure sales.

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