Water Treatment Benefits

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Home Water Treatment Benefits

Learn how you can save big while our water treatment systems protect your home and provide truly clean water.


Eliminating Hard Water In Your Home.

We at H2O TO GO well know the effects of hard water that can be found throughout the house, from the film and scale in the shower and toilets, to the white buildup and spots on faucets, fixtures, mirrors and windows. Cleaning products designed to handle these damaging issues can be costly, toxic and unsafe to use, especially around children and pets.


Truly Pure Water & Great Taste.

Most people who taste or smell the Las Vegas tap water notice right away that it tastes bad, smells of chlorine and other chemicals, and looks cloudy from all of the hard minerals. Ice cubes are white when they should be clear if the water was pure. H2O TO GO’s decades of experience with this challenging water means that we know how to treat the water to give...


Discover Huge Savings.

The additional products used to clean up after hard water are costly, as are the extra soaps, detergents and lotions we use because of the harsh minerals. Detergents don’t dissolve or foam up in hard water, which means using up to 3-4 times the normal amount of cleaning products. This results in wasted money at the grocery store for products we are buying far more...


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