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Discover Huge Savings With Water Treatement Systems

The additional products used to clean up after hard water are costly, as are the extra soaps, detergents and lotions we use because of the harsh minerals. Detergents don’t dissolve or foam up in hard water, which means using up to 3-4 times the normal amount of cleaning products. This results in wasted money at the grocery store for products we are buying far more often than we would with clean, soft water.

With an H2O TO GO whole house water treatment system, the savings can be huge:

• You can save 50-100% on detergents and cleaning products.
• Clothes last up to 40% longer.
• Your plumbing and appliances are protected from the corrosive effects of hard minerals, so they can last up to 70% longer.
• You save on energy costs related to hot water systems that are corroded and not working efficiently.
• Your faucets, shower heads and toilets last longer, saving you money on repairs or replacements.
• Your costs on additional creams, lotions and oil for treating dry hair and skin are reduced because skin and hair are softer and silkier with soft water.
• You end costly monthly bottled water expenses. The average family spends $25-$50 per month on bottled water, and some as much as $100 or more for alkaline water delivery- that can end up being as much as 10,000 times more expensive than tap water, according to some studies!

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Superior Skill, Service & Technology.

Advanced Technology

H2O TO GO specializes in designing and installing water purification equipment specific for the unique water problems residents face in Southern Nevada. We value honesty, integrity, quality equipment and exceptional service.

Expert Team

With nearly 80,000 residential homes, 80% of the Strip, area hospitals and countless restaurants and businesses we’ve proudly serviced over 39 years, our in-house staff of certified technicians and master plumbers are qualified to handle any install or service need.

Quality Guaranteed

With H2O TO GO, you’ll find the support you need to ensure that you get the freshest water in the Las Vegas valley in a timely fashion. We offer tried and tested water treatment solutions and equipment without gimmicks or high-pressure sales.

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