Water Conditioners:
Custom 3000

Soft Water Systems • Las Vegas
Soft Water By Melissa • Las Vegas

Custom 3000

Our custom-designed water conditioners have been manufactured specifically for Southern Nevada’s water conditions. These systems will help to deal with the hardness and chlorine found in the harsh Las Vegas water.


1. High Capacity Cation Resin
Provides maximum softening by removing calcium, magnesium and other hard minerals,

2. Quartz Support Beds
Quartz increases water flow and channeling through the media in the treatment tanks, is used as a clarifier, and protects internal distributor & screen assembly.

3. Safety Float Brine Valve
Prevents overflow of water from brine tank.

4. Brine Deck
Helps to eliminate salt or potassium bridging.

Hardness • Calcium • Magnesium

Chlorine, giving you more pure, claner, better tasting conditioned soft water.

Limited Lifetime Warranty
Limited lifetime warranty on all major components.